JONDO is a company fundamentally grounded in Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma principles. Innovation is our focus and core strength that we bring to the industry.

We do this by building leading software solutions and having the best in class product offerings.  Our history in the art industry has structured us to only accept the highest level of quality. We believe our products stay true to these roots.

We cultivate our strategic partnerships and look for others who share our values.

Premium Quality
Strict Standards
Calculated Process
A History of Integrity

We begin our product development process with the highest quality in mind. Each product embodies the belief that a premium product can be created efficiently and offered at an affordable price.

Structured Manufacturing
Maximized Output Efficiency
Quality Control
Streamlined Proprietary Software

Lean Manufacturing operations allow us to maximize our production output efficiency. These operating standards reduce waste in the assembly process while maintaining high levels of quality in the products we make.

Quality control is of the utmost priority in our process. Through constant efforts to reduce and prevent mistakes during printing and manufacturing, we continually strive to Six Sigma standards. This set of standards ensures that our products consistently adhere to the high levels of quality we require.

At the core of our production process is our proprietary software. This software that allows us to professionally funnel orders from various clients without confusion in the pipeline. Orders arrive correctly and on time allowing us to focus on our continued efforts to make and develop great photo products.


Easy Integration
Comprehensive Workflow
Supportive Development Team

Placing the product first is a fundamental choice we make throughout our process. We strive to create and implement software solutions that ease integration and maintain focus on our product.

Our innovative development team will find the best solution for each unique partnership.